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05 March 2012 @ 02:33 am
OUAT theory/question post  
I have decided it is time for a OUAT re~watch. There is a lot of back and forth in this series. Almost on par with Dr Who. So I figured I would make an open thread about it and tell people I know that like the show about it. If you like the show welcome and be aware, this is a spoilery post.

Once Upon A Time re-watch questions and comments:

Episode 1: Pilot

~ "He sees the future." When and how did the Rump learn to see the future? I don't think it is one of his powers later on in the series. Is that why he wanted the fairy godmother wand?

~ Why did the huntsmen's wolf appear to stop Emma leaving. We know she can see it when it was leading him but why the wolf and not something else?

~ So Snow is growing her hair out then.

Episode 2: The Thing You Love Most

~ When will we get to see more of Maleficent? So my favorite fairy tale character growing up. She was bad ass.

~ Is the Phoenix to Maine thing important? It seems like Phoenix is mentioned a few times.

~ Is that a delorean? 14:00

~ Okay so Rump told The evil witch that he would tell her what she did wrong and in exchange, in the new world, she
must do whatever he says as long as he says please. She says "you won't remember any of this." Does she really think he doesn't know?

~ The sherif is pretty but he sounds like he has a cold ALL of the time.

~ So new dude (later on) makes a copy of the book. Tea stains and all. Does he give henry back the new or old copy? What about the torn pages?

Episode 3: Snow Falls

~ The Dr's name is Dr Whale. Who is he in the fairy tale world?

~ Grumpy is all over this series. I don't believe E 14 is the only reason why.

~ Snow caries fairy dust. Good fairy bust is a good thing, but her's "is deadly." Which fairy is so bad her dust is deadly? Did dreamy/grumpy make a bad fairy?

I will update as I re~watch more episodes. I will also change the date on this post when I do so, so this may appear on your flist more than once. Sorry.